Trump Just Picked A Fight With Disney World For The Dumbest Reason

Just as the American people start to get used to the odious idea of the Trump presidency, a new, previously unthought of consequence emerges. The fallout from his ascension to the Oval Office spreads, and his slimy orange tendrils snake into new spheres.

Next up? An animatronic Donald Trump will be placed in Walt Disney World’s Hall of Presidents. While it’s far from the worst consequence of electing the buffoon, it’s a shame that future generations of children will be eternally confronted by the idiotic, racist mistake of their forebearers.

Not surprisingly, the inclusion of the xenophobic ignoramus into the American presidential pantheon isn’t going smoothly.

Trump is feuding with Disney over who will get to write the speech that spews forth from the bulbous lips of his animatronic facsimile, reports Vice’s Motherboard.

Previously, Disney was considering not having the Trump bot give a speech, breaking the tradition of the last few presidents. Perhaps they were struggling to turn statements like, “they’re sending rapists,” and, “grab her by the p*ssy,” into kid-friendly soundbites. Now that they have decided to let Trump-o-Tron speak, they’ve run into a new problem.

Disney usually collaborates with presidential teams to pen the robots’ speeches, but Trump insists that his people write the entire thing. According to Motherboard, when Disney informed Trump’s people that the company usually helps write the speech, Trump’s team said “No. We’re writing this speech. You guys have no input on this.”

While the two parties mediate the disagreement, some are still hoping Disney can go back to its original idea, and not have Trump speak at all.

“There are those at Imagineering who hope that if they hold off on doing anything with this attraction until the fall, Trump may have done something so egregious that the general public won’t have an issue with putting a non-talking version of [Trump] in The Hall of Presidents,” Motherboard’s source said.

The source also told Motherboard that Disney expected Secretary Hillary Clinton to win and that her unexpected loss in January threw their plans into disarray. Now that they’ve been saddled with Trump, they are proceeding carefully.

They’re being especially careful not to infuriate Trump to the point where he takes to Twitter to lament his treatment because the ensuing backlash could result in Trump supporters – which somehow, stunningly still exist – would organize a boycott against Disney.

If Trump has any one strength it’s finding new ways to demean the office of the president. The inane tweeting was bad enough. Feuding with Walt Disney World is an unfathomable new low.

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