Congressman’s Wife Comes Forward On ‘Trump Tapes’ Proving Treason, Mueller Investigating

According to Congressman Alan Grayson’s wife, Dr. Dena Grayson, two separate reliable sources have confirmed that there are Trump tapes proving that Donald Trump personally conspired with Russia and that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is aware of them.

“I have 2 reliable sources who say MSM (mainstream media) already possesses tapes of #Trump merrily treasoning w/Russia,” Dr. Grayson tweeted this afternoon. “Per my sources: Mueller’s backing the traitors into a corner & will 1st nail those AROUND #Trump👉then Trump. MSM also has tapes of Trump kids/associates merrily treasoning w/#Russia, which likely will drop BEFORE Trump’s.”

She also claims that there are tapes of Trump’s kids and associates being in on the action.

The tweet initially came out as a response to former White House staffer Claude Taylor who said that she’s “told with certainty by a most reliable source that ‘Big News’ tying Trump directly to Russia is going to drop. Exact timing only question.”




Right now the sources are anonymous, for obvious reasons, but given the credibility of the sources, it’s fair to say that something big involving a ‘Trump tape’ is going to drop, and soon.

If Mueller is actively investigating, they could be trying to get their ducks in a row before releasing the information, so Trump or his lawyers aren’t able to interfere in the process.

This is still a developing story.

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  1. Oh And like Obama didn’t commit treason against this country by giving the Iranians billions of dollars and uranium to build bombs. If that’s not treason I don’t know what is. He hates this country. He doesn’t respect our military. He was out to destroy it from the beginning. That was his number 1 goal. If Hillary would have gotten elected she would have definitely finished the job he started. President Donald J. Trump is a good man and a good president and cares very much for his country and his military. And I don’t believe in my heart that he had anything to do with Russia and if he did he was set up by Hillary and Obama!!!!!!

    1. Denise, if you had a clue what you were talking about you might be dangerous. Obama did not give anyone anything that could ever be used against this country. There was an agreement entered into between several nations including the United States an Iran which did provide some non enriched uranium for power plants, please learn the difference. The ONLY money exchanged was from a debt that we owed them since 1974. It was not in United States money as the right wing liars want you to think, and apparently you bought it. He certainly did and does respect the military. He made sure they got their pay raises on time. EVERY draw down and benefit cut was from a law signed into effect by George W Bush, get your facts straight. He certainly does love our country, get over yourself there. Donald J Trump is a womanizing sexual predator. He is possibly a child rapist. He is a proven liar, he is in all probability a traitor. He is a draft dodging coward, using his fathers money to buy a deferment which has been proven to be a sham. He is a bully and a punk. He doesn’t care one bit about this nation, only about his own money. He has idolized men like Putin, Stalin, Un and Hitler since he was a child. His Russia connection was of his own doing, no one you want to blame. The Russians feared and as a result hated Hillary. Obama made Putin look like an idiot, that is why they hated him. You really need to either learn some truth or maybe get some professional psychiatric help. Either way, there is something badly wrong with you.

      1. you act like iran cannot enrich uranium themselves . you are either in compliance or you dont care if new york gets a big bomb in the butt. go hang out with your antifa buddies retard. just because someone babbled to you and you were stupid enough to bite , does not mean the rest of us are too . liberals talk and i cannot belive the nonsense you all spew like its gospel. dont like trump we get it, we didnt like obama . so were even . go home quit crying . you dont get a trophy , unless if by trophy you mean you want a kick in the ass by all means . hillary , obama , and a few others ARE going to jail. indictments are being drawn up . even if she doesnt get prison time she will never be allowed to run for office again. btw word of wise to trump haters : you think trumps bad LMFAO impeach him – force him out- dont matter dont care, cause when pence gets through with you youll all wish you had sat down and just stfu. but its too late then !

      1. i dont watch tv period. lets see obama , oh yes fast n furious – selling guns to the cartels then blaming gun shops who were instructed to make the sale – then tosses out “gun control” . what good is that when the fed orders owners to make the sale? if you want gun control – you give communities police depts the money they need to do parole and probation sweeps . that is sensible gun control . last time where i live they confiscated a armoury of illegal weapons , not from 1 law abiding citizens . all criminals . the irs targeting – still in court and for obama – its taken a tuern for the worst. the irs employess will be named in court and charges will be filed and the ratting out will begin . just wait ill keep ya posted if you can even read. he opened our boarders so illegal immigrants could come here take our jobs , get welfare , free healthcare , free college education. i was born here and ive never gotten anything free, even the dollar i found , still had to pick it up .long ass list & you know it snowflake princess.

  2. The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace. Exodus 14:14 I have faith in you God the light of my world. Only you can stop satan from getting near your children.

    1. i saw a list on judicial watch that listed every news organization and the reporters working for it that are in liberals pockets . every organization has moles .all of them . cant trust anything but this, advertisers , media , cannot be trusted , anything they say cannot be trusted. if you cant see it with your eyes , touch it with your hand , dont buy it .

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