German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned citizens that the U.S. and UK are both enemies of the Germans once again, in a speech reminiscent of Nazi Germany.


Speaking at an election rally in Munich on Sunday, Merkel said that the European Union, headed by Germany, should no longer count on the United States and Britain as being its “allies”, warning the EU that they “must take its fate into its own hands.”

Germany tried to take over the world once and nearly succeeded during World War I. They tried again a few years later during World War II; almost wiping out an entire race of people. It seems they are building to try for a third time.

The times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way out. I’ve experienced that in the last few days,” Merkel told the German crowd. reports: She said Germany and France, as the two dominant forces in the EU, have to seek broader relations to compensate for the lack of commitment shown by the US and Britain.

“We Europeans truly have to take our fate into our own hands,” Merkel said, adding, “we have to fight for our own destiny”.

The comments came a day after Merkel expressed frustration at the way Trump handled a debate on climate change in the G7 summit. All other six members of the group said they would stick to the terms of a landmark climate deal reached in Paris in 2015 but Trump said he would announce his position on the issue next week. Merkel said after the meeting that the “discussion on the topic of climate was very difficult, not to say very unsatisfactory.”

During his presidential campaign, Trump had vowed to revise US commitments under the Paris Agreement, saying the deal, which he had branded as a Chinese hoax, would seriously harm jobs inside the United States while it hugely benefits countries like China.

Trump and European governments have clashed on other issues, including Trump’s criticism that NATO allies have repeatedly failed to meet the defensive alliance’s military spending commitment of 2.0 percent of GDP.

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    1. u boy forgot about Russians!!!!without them u would speak Doyche today…..the 2ndWW did not finished in Dunkirk,that is the farthest u got inWW2…../read wikipedia,or go back to school/

      1. I suggest you to get educated, russia without allied support and supplies during german offensive would speek german now.

        1. The Germans had the tacit support of the allies while advancing towards Russia, China supported Stalin, the OSS (later CIA) was collaborating with top Nazis already during the War, for details see: The Devil’s Chessboard – David Talbot. What’s happening now is just another act, Trump says you are on your own, the British withdraw from the EU which gives France and Germany the pretext to announce the need for a European Army strong enough to take on Russia. It is a concerted effort by all three players USA, UK and EU towards a new world order.

      2. Didnt forget about them.. but YOU forget what WE did. Sure, it might have taken longer.. but Germany could NOT continue to lose men & machines as she was while we were continuing to ramp up even further and faster.

      3. So, you’re telling me that when he entered Buchinwald, as part of the force to free the camp, he was imagining it?!

      4. Russia would have perished without the attic convoys. Europe would have perished without USA intervention. Learn your history.

    2. She really needs a spanking from the German people who are tired of her NWO BS. She thinks importing jihadists
      is somehow a good thing for Germany??? Pretty sure most of the German people don’t want jihadists raping and abusing their women and children.

  1. Case in point equating the Germany of the Kaisers with Hitler. Germany was not seeking world conquest in WW1 nor was it seeking ethnic cleansing of the Jews or anyone else for that matter. Not that Germany was any paradise for the Jews but nobodies hands are clean on that matter. Germany simply made the same mistake every other major power in Europe made, being complicit in including irresponsible minor powers in the basic security pacts the major powers signed onto. Thus the assassination of Archduke Ferndinand escalated beyond a matter between Austria/Hungary and Serbia and nobody had the guts and wisdom to stop the major power dominos from declating war on each other; to the shitcan with Allied propaganda regarding German war guilt already its been freaking 100 years! As for Angela Merkel being the villian in a replay of history give me an effing break! Nobody has been more steadfast in pursuing moderation than Merkel, if she feels a need to secure her right flank with some intemperate rhetoric she ought to be cut some slack. Meanwhile Russia is ruled by the Revanchist, Machavalian Putin who is using 21st century technology and an old KGB mindset to meddle in the affairs of every country worth screwing with. Thus right wing parties have made strong showings in The Netherlands and Austria. The Le Pen bitch has beem beaten back in France for the time being but she as scored twice the percentage of the vote than her father ever did. Even worse than the Brexit vote in Britain is the ascension of the mercurial Boris Johnson to Foreign Secretary. And here in the U.S.A. thanks to Russain Oligarchs controlled by Putin Narcissistic, bigoted, mysoginist, deadbeat Trump is allowed to continue posing as a billionaire and become our President thanks Electoral College misfortune. It should go without saying Trump is a cross between a traitor and a spoiled brat but apparently it will take a few more years of unmitigated disaster for it to sink to those of his spouters who are capable of being saved from Faschistic programming.

    1. Idiot…it’s already come out that Putin has nothing to do with Trump and that the Democrats and neocons are poking and lying about Russia. Grow a brain meathead.

    2. I will wait just like I had to with obullshit, use your words on him, and let us see that mindset, I dare you!

    3. Give your mouth a chance.. Never read such twaddle in my life. To be blunt Merkel “your bitch” is committing ethnic suicide. Trump is a great man and leader to stand up to the decades of bullshit coming from the EU, including that climate change crap. That climate change crap is just another money making/tax that’s all, The original guys that started all this climate change BS said in the mid seventies that the world is entering a new ice age and all will freeze. So fuckhead idiot “WHYSADUCK” what have you to say about that. I think you are also one of those “Flat earth” idiots. You don’t know your history either. The start of the first world war was due to the Austro Hungarian empire wanting to punish the Serbs for the Assassination of the Arch Duke, The Czar immediately allied Russia with the Serbians, because he saw the Austrians as a threat, France then allied herself with Russia because the Kaiser allied Germany with it’s neighbor Austria, The French just wanted revenge on Germany because of the humiliation she suffered in the 1870 war with Germany, Britain had an agreement with France as an ally and both feared Germany as the industrial giant of Europe, they also did not want German expansion World wide as they both had the biggest empires, Germany wanted peace until France and Britain mobilized their armed forces and the rest is history. If you want info on WW II I’ll gladly supply it… dork

    4. Well said. Too many idiots on here who haven’t actually read anything produced myrral historians, instead preferring Google as a source of information.

  2. WHYSADUCK!! You are obviously reading some tripe somewhere or you are living in a dream world. Merkel has a 1 track agenda with the total integration of muslims in Europe she is part of the Kalgary plan (Look it up) to snub out all the individual races that are in Europe and now she has a lapdog in the French camp, it seems to have had a lot of vote rigging to get Macron into power. I am not going to bother with all the details that are happening over here in the UK and Europe but especially in Europe things are beginning to look very serious with Immigration and the Northern part of Europe that are doing quite well business wise etc but the Mediterranean countries are in a dire situation. As far as Brexit is concerned it is the right and proper thing to do, you obviously don’t like Boris Johnson for some reason he is our foreign secretary and he is doing a good job so far, but the key player is David Davis in the Brexit negotiations, I have been around a while and like a lot of other people we feel it is time to break from the EUSSR which it is rapidly becoming. Your current President it would appear is the lesser of 2 evils you would have been Tattooed and Screwed by Clinton which I would hope you are aware of, but if those are the only 2 candidates that you could muster then its god help America but at least Trump won and its only your Leftie idiots that cannot see the wood for the trees and keep protesting instead of you all pulling together to try and make the best of things, we have a bad element in our other main party they are communists not socialists and are going to kill the Labour Party if they keep inciting unrest because they seem to not accept a democratic vote. And as far as your comment about Trump being a Fascist you are wrong Fascism is a form of Socialism which is left wing your Trump is right wing!!!! Its been 103 years since OUR start of world war 1 its been 78 years since the start of world war 2. The USA came in late in the 1st world war and late in the 2nd as well.

    1. Beautifully said.. thank You!
      I sleep well and trust my President to do the right things. There is way too much corruption in government. It really is a swamp!
      Sadly, I think Merkel is out of touch and her country is sinking in the pit that is Islam.
      Carry on dear Sir!! I am glad our countries are allies!!!

  3. Whysaduck – you are quackers ! If you really want a future for the UK (and I certainly do for my children and grandchild), then you had better start thinking straight ! You appear to be gullible, being taken in Merkel and ‘friends’ ! So today, we have heard that Macron will be charging high taxes on the Brits who have holiday homes in France. These Brits have probably spent fortunes on renovating the buildings they have purchased and now that has been done, Macron wants to make them pay ! They will probably be forced to sell their properties to French people at a loss. Oh you are so gullible !

  4. Merkel has set an enemy loose upon her OWN people . Allowing the IslamicCult to rape and pillage her nation. She Like the Pope are both Fallen Angels who follow Lucifer.

  5. Not quite what the title is implying. Being self relient isn’t equivelent to being in conflict with others.

  6. I also get tired of people bashing Germany of WW2 and linking it to today. Get off it and let’s focus on today’s issues. I agree with Trump on AGW and disagree with Merkel. Let’s focus on that and quit being jugheads by bringing up WW2 all the time.

  7. Ya know,
    For all the brilliant engineering out of Germany, it appears it never bleeds over into their politicians, does it?

    Calling us enemies? M’kay, then. Maybe we should interfere in their election, since it apparently is all the rage these days..

  8. Europe countries cannot pretend to be the US. Their people are one nationality, no need for assimilation. The U S encouraged immigration. Most immigrants learned English quickly, and refused to speak their native language at home…thus the reason we are a one language country. Although that is fast being undermined by the illegal Spanish speaking immigrants. We have people that have been here 20+ years, collecting food stamps and welfare that still cannot speak English. That is wrong and must be stopped.

  9. The difference being that the USA and UK are now being run by fascists. And controlled by zionists.

  10. Merkel is paving the road for the Re-Birth of the Nazi Party
    She doesn’t seen to care she has let Muslims rule, rape rob and pillage Germany
    instead she gets into a pissing match with Trump , he won’t kiss her ass like Orangabam
    She is a pre cursor of what will be, another leader or the Wiermar Republic, she should be stopped now and let
    cool head prevail, she is a whiner, she can’t have her way. Seig Hiel. it will be back she is helping their case more everyday

  11. She is not saying we are their enemies, just the same thing Trump has been saying. That they must take a greater stake in their own defense.
    Personally, I would dump NATO. Having alliances with all these countries and corrupt governments puts US at risk and puts them at risk since our government is so corrupt.
    The G20 is simply a gathering of the global elitist puppets. The NWO uses these governments to control the planet and have been doing this or something like this for hundreds of years. To focus on the petty politics or ambitions of a few “leaders” that are simply “useful idiots” for the owners of the world central banking scam demonstrates a severe lack of vision and imagination.

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