Violent Liberal Attacks the WRONG Trump Supporter. Watch What Happens NEXT!

July 18, 2017

The violent left is at it again. During a recent “protest,” an violent anti-Trump lefty provoked an America First pro-Trump Patriot. At first, just words were exchanged, until the angry liberal hit the Trump supporter in the face with his communist sign.  After that, all bets were off and the angry liberal hit the ground like a sack of commie potatoes. When will the left learn, and stop all this hate…


CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative “bullsh*t”! Caught on hidden-camera! VIDEO!

June 28, 2017

CNN Producer John Bonifield who was caught on hidden-camera admitting that there is no proof to CNN’s Russia narrative He confirms that the driving factor at CNN is ratings. According to the CNN Producer, business is booming. “Trump is good for business right now,” he concluded. In the recent video footage obtained by Project Veritas, John Bonifield a Sr. Producer at CNN, admits to several beliefs that are in direct…


BREAKING: Anger as footage of Cleveland Facebook killer shooting dead man remains online

April 23, 2017

A shocking video of a grandfather being shot dead was still available on Facebook last night – a week after it was posted. Maniac Steve Stephens filmed himself murdering innocent Robert Godwin, 74, on Easter Sunday and uploaded the sick clip to the social network. Stephens, 37, shot himself dead on Tuesday while on the run from cops in Pennsylvania, USA. Last night, the Sun on Sunday found his graphic…


The Daily Show Just Smoked Trump With A Genius Theory: Is He High?

April 21, 2017

It’s 4/20, the unofficial annual celebration of cannabis, and Trevor Noah celebrates in the best way possible, by sharing his brilliant theory that “President Donald Trump is always high.” (Video below.) Noah opened the Daily Show Segment with a litany of nicknames for weed, including, “sour nipple, toasty pretzel, Jared Kush-ner,” before mocking local tv media for their pathetic pot puns, from marking the “high holy day” to calling it “National High… Five Day.”…


U.S. Fires Cruise Missiles At Syria (Video Of Missile Launches)

April 7, 2017

Thursday night the United States launched 59 tomahawk cruise missiles from the U.S. Navy warships USS Porter and USS Ross at a Syrian airbase located at Shayrat. The Trump administration believes that the base was the origination of the chemical gas attack which killed over 70 civilians. This is President Trump’s first major military action. President Trump said that the strike on Syria is “in the vital national security interest” of…


VIDEO: 11-Year-Old Is Asked About Trump And Her Answer Is PERFECT..

March 13, 2017

A girl’s interview at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is making headlines. When asked about then-candidate Donald Trump, the girl replied she would never forget the words he said, “I, Donald J. Trump, am running for President.” Check it out:   She could be of-age and eligible to run for the presidency in 2040. Chew Bacca An 11 year old girl, smarter than Hillary and Nancy Pelosi together. Should be…


Man Whipped to Death for Molesting 2 Year Old Baby (VIDEO)

February 25, 2017

Russian rebels filmed whipping serial child molester with electric tables. The militant beating him accused him of being a ‘pedophile child molester’. Tortured man identified as Aleksey Frumkin, 42, from south east Ukraine is said to have done this with other children in the past. Several other Media outlets are reporting him as a drug dealer but this is not the case he is a Pedophile.     source: