Trump’s Pastor Says God Wants Trump To Nuke North Korea, Released Footage Shows He Wants To

August 9, 2017

Texas megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress, one of President Trump’s top evangelical advisors, has just come forward saying God has given Trump the moral authority to take out North Korea.  “When it comes to how we should deal with evil doers, the Bible, in the book of Romans, is very clear: God has endowed rulers full power to use whatever means necessary — including war — to stop evil,” Jeffress said. “In…


Dangerous threat! Kim Jong-un detonates bomb in USA! (VIDEO)

April 19, 2017

With an orchestra and ovations, the Video shows the citizens of North Korea celebrate the bomb detonation in a city in America! The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, continues to provoke USA. During the “Sun Festival”,, that is made in honor of his grandfather Kim II-Sung, played video that shows North Korea launching Nuclear missile towards USA. With an orchestra and ovations, the Video shows the citizens of North…


Chinese missile tanks rolling towards North Korea as world waits in fear of WW3!!!

April 14, 2017

CHINA has warned tensions between North Korea and the US could push the Korean peninsula to the brink of war with “storm clouds gathering”. The superpower warned the situation must be stopped from reaching an “irreversible and unmanageable stage” as a US aircraft carrier group steams towards the region amid fears North Korea may conduct a sixth nuclear weapons test.North Korea vowed it would defend itself hours after the US…


Right After North Korea Threatened To Drop NUKES, Trump Picked Up The Phone & Said 6 Brutal Words

April 12, 2017

Tensions with North Korea are rapidly increasing, after Obama ignored them for 8 years. China, North Korea’s ally, has emboldened them and made them think they can stand up to the U.S. Now, Kim Jong-un has threatened to use NUKES against the U.S. and China sent 150,000 Troops to assist North Korea. Well President Trump just picked up his phone and sent them 1 message that will stop them in their tracks. TRUMP…


North Korea reportedly test fires missile, challenging US

February 12, 2017

SEOUL, South Korea –  North Korea launched a missile into its eastern sea on Sunday, according to the South Korean military. The U.S. military detected the test and is assessing the launch, a U.S. defense official told Reuters on Saturday. U.S. President Donald Trump has been briefed on the missile launched by North Korea, and the White House is continuing to monitor the situation, a White House official said on…