Trump Says Transgenders Will Not Be Allowed To Serve In Military

July 26, 2017

President Donald Trump has made the executive decision to ban transgenders from serving in the military, reversing a major decision by the Obama administration. In a tweet series posted Wednesday morning, Trump stated that after serious consultation with military experts, the U.S. cannot allow transgenders to serve in the armed forces because of medical costs and disruption posted by integrating these individuals.  “After consultation with my Generals and military experts,…


Trump Attacked Qatar Not Knowing We Have A Military Base There

June 9, 2017

President Donald Trump’s blissful ignorance has helped ignite a public fight between America’s Gulf State allies in the most volatile region in the world. His sword-dancing and orb-touching antics masked a diplomatic initiative to give Saudi Arabia tacit permission to isolate Qatar, whose capital city of Doha is host to the US military Central Command‘s massive al-AUdeid Air Base. Now, MSNBC reports that President Trump didn’t know about America’s largest…