BREAKING: Trump – You Can Buy Health Insurance For $1 A Month, Internet Explodes

July 21, 2017

President Donald Trump has just claimed that you can buy health insurance for as little as $12 a year (or $1 a month). He made the remarks in an exclusive interview he gave to the New York Times, who he claims is ‘fake’ and ‘dishonest.’ Here’s what he said: “Pre-existing conditions are a tough deal. Because you are basically saying from the moment the insurance, you’re 21 years old, you start…


Trump Just Revealed His Plan To End The Internet As We Know It

April 27, 2017

The principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favoring or blocking particular products or websites. Pretty simple, right? Seems like something that should unite everyone in the digital age, doesn’t it? Apparently not. New Trump-appointed FCC Chair Ajit Pai has just announced the President’s plan to gut Obama-era protections and eliminate net neutrality all together. President Obama’s Open Internet Order made net neutrality…