BREAKING: Trump Advisor Says Trump Wants Out!

The expanding Russia investigation and obstruction of justice probe into President Trump are starting to take a toll on him according to multiple advisors.

Here’s what was reported on in Politico:

“But Trump, too, is cognizant of the comparison to Nixon, according to one adviser. The president, who friends said does not enjoy living in Washington and is strained by the demanding hours of the job, is motivated to carry on because he ‘doesn’t want to go down in history as a guy who tried and failed,’ said the adviser. ‘He doesn’t want to be the second president in history to resign.’”

So, basically, president Trump wants out but he just doesn’t want to be remembered as a loser. 

But, there’s credible information that Trump is waiting out resignation at this point. So far, Flynn has yet to testify against him since Congress refused to grant him immunity in exchange for his testimony – testimony that could have been extremely damaging to Trump.

According to Claude Taylor, who served on the staff of President Bill Clinton, Flynn’s testimony was enough for Trump to consider waving the white flag.

“Journalist I have worked with-who has been reliable-says they have 2 sources that say Trump is considering options-incl resignation.”

The information was also confirmed by Former chairman of RNC Steele, who told WWR at lunch that Trump will not finish his term; advises clients to bolster ties w/VP Pence.

In recent days there have been reports of Trump screaming at his television set from within side the walls of the White House. He doesn’t like how the media has been portraying him or how the investigation is going.

Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller’s decision to personally go after Trump for possible criminal acts and obstruction of justice has marked a turning point in the Russia collusion investigation, which until recently has only focused on Russia’s meddling into the 2016 presidential election.

Now – Mueller has issued subpoenas of President Trump’s personal bank accounts, along with his phone records. Since it’s an official court order, refusal to comply can result in contempt of court charge, punishable by jail, a fine, or both.

The move is expected to put Trump’s personal finances under a microscope. So far, Trump has been the only president in recent history to refuse to divulge his tax returns. The expanding probe is likely to reveal a ton of dirt from the president’s financial past.

USA Today even trolled the president with this BRILLIANT and COMICAL resignation letter that Trump would end up probably releasing via Twitter, should the day for his resignation ever come.

Dear Secretary Tillerson,

Before I make Mike Pence the next president — he will be a great president — probably almost as great as me. Before I make him president, I want to thank my many admirers for their support. To the HUGE majority of Americans who trusted me to be president, thank you. I am deeply humbled by your faith. No one has ever been more humbled.

I have rewarded your faith with tremendous accomplishments and hard, hard work. I haven’t been golfing since my historic victory. And, I definitely haven’t been making taxpayers pay for the Secret Service to rent golf carts from me to protect me at my golf courses. Believe me.

No president has ever worked harder than I have. My administration has done more in less time than anyone else. And, we did it all with NO HELP from the losers in the press and crybabies in Congress and showboaters in law enforcement who are RUINING America.

The vast majority of Americans know that my victory last November — record-breaking, really, a landslide, the largest election victory in history — my victory and policies are moving this country in the white, I mean, right direction again. America is GREAT again!

And, folks, FOLKS: We are still going to have health care. Big, beautiful health care — best in the world. I promised that everyone would be covered and they will. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that my bill will increase costs and cause 23 million people to lose insurance. The CBO is FAKE NEWS, just a bunch of Democrats with slide rules.

You may have heard that my budget eliminates funding for the Appalachian Regional Commission. It doesn’t. Believe me. My budget director can’t know everything that I’m doing and thinking — I’m moving very fast. We are going to go to Congress and get MORE money for the Appalachian Regional Commission. I love Eastern Kentucky. West Virginia. Real Americans. Beautiful people.

With Mike Pence as president, we will continue to MAKE AMERICA GREAT. He and Mitch McConnell are working hard on tax relief, rounding up and deporting people, scrapping net neutrality rules, privatizing prisons, unwinding stupid regulations on banks and industries. LAW AND ORDER.

Speaking of law and order, as my last act as president, I am pardoning some members of my campaign staff and administration. First, your next president of the United States, Mike Pence. I’m pardoning him even though he did nothing wrong. Noth-ing. No one did anything wrong, but especially not Mike.

Next, I’m pardoning Michael Flynn, a great American. Wish I’d never let him go. The DEEP STATE wants you to believe that Michael Flynn took hundreds of thousands of dollars from Turkey and failed to register as a foreign agent. Didn’t happen. They want you to believe that he advocated for Turkey-friendly policies during my transition because he had received over half-a-million dollars in lobbying money. They claim he “lied” on paperwork and “lied” to Mike Pence about talking with Russian agents. FAKE NEWS. The real liar is CROOKED HILLARY. Lock her up!

I’m also pardoning my son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who has been treated very unfairly. The kid is big league. Did I ask him to set up a secret back channel line of communication with the Russian government using equipment in the Russian Embassy? I don’t know. But, you have to admire his spunk and smarts. Zero foreign policy experience and he already knew enough not to trust his own intelligence agencies.

Finally, I’m pardoning myself. My lawyers have told me that I may not have the authority to pardon myself. But, it’s not a conflict because I’m president. My lawyers — I have the best lawyers — have also told me that I don’t need to pardon myself because I didn’t know enough about how the federal government works to have intentionally obstructed justice. It’s true: Me and my people asked other intelligence services to pressure the FBI to stop investigating ties between my campaign and Russia. It’s true: I fired that showboater James Comey to put an end to the Russia stuff, FAKE NEWS. Just in case, I hereby pardon myself.

I have been badly mistreated. It’s abuse, really, but I was willing to take it because I love America. Big, beautiful America.

I know all the elite-coast Democrats and crooked media people are dreaming of impeaching me, of the day they can turn to me and say, “Donald, you’re fired.” Well, guess what? THEY’RE FIRED. I resign.

President Trump

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    1. So just after the Supreme Court ruling he wants to quit. How stupid do you think we are? He actually should never have fired Flynn. And yes the screws are being turned on Loretta Lynch so the media has to have a comeback is all it is

      1. She may not know how to spell but you do not know how to read people. Trump has been a total sleaze in New York, where I watched him for 45 years. He was always playing social catch-up in NYC, wanting to be accepted by the monied elite. He wasn’t welcome in polite society because he is crude and grabs at your wife. And being among the often uninvited ate him alive. He and his father blatantly denied housing to minorities in their housing, and were forced to pay huge fines. His jokes are mindless. If there is charm, it is soon forgotten under the barrage of stupid remarks he makes because he really does not know “the best words”. They may suck up to him while he’s in the WH, but will drop him in a nanosecond once he is out. Also, and I have personal knowledge of the symptoms, he is losing memory. No wonder he lies. He can’t remember, within the same sentence at times, what he said. Whatever appeal he may have had as a young man is totally gone now. And it will come out that he is a crook. If they don’t get him for Russian mischief, the evidence is clear cut for financial abuses and money laundering. It’s all in his records, and these have been subpoenaed. Goodbye Orange Porker, Enemy of the People in a Party Dress.

        1. Have you ever rented out housing to anyone before? I used to flip houses and owned a small apartment complex. I thought I could make a living being a landlord but mostly minorities ruined that for me. I’m not saying all are bad as they are clearly not. But minorities were a huge problem and which is why I ended up selling off my properties and getting out of that business. They were always late with rent, when you asked them about it they were rude and some wanted to fight me.

          When I had to give an eviction notice they destroyed the floors, the walls, some defecated and urinated on the floors and walls. I had to pay through the nose to contractors just to get some of the houses in living condition again. The apartment buildings were a nightmare. Some problematic minorities would have loud parties and drugs were on site at some of the parties that cops were called to.

          Tenants that were paying on time and quiet left because of the problematic ones. Some of the minorities were great tenants and I was sad to see them go, but they couldn’t handle the amount of disrespect and the element of danger they brought to where they lived with drugs, loud parties, people fighting and cops constantly having to be called. When I served the eviction notice I got death threats, they also destroyed the inside. If you value your property then you have to do background checks and credit checks and not all minorities will pass those. So if you deny someone that has a criminal background and looks like a problem tenant, you are automatically deemed a racist? You’re not allowed to make decisions that’s best for your business anymore in this country?

      2. Trump will be in office 2 terms. No worries, God set in him in office, and God’s people are keeping him covered in prayer.

  1. In order for any transitional power of President to take place, there is one question that needs to be addressed by the Special Counsel, “To what extent did Russia influence the election, whereby the results of Russia’s interference gave an incorrect electoral vote to Trump and Pence? If the electoral vote was highly skewed, then Trump as well as Pence were not elected BY the people of the US, but a foreign power-which still gives us the same problem as with Trump–Obstruction of Justice, and incorrect voter representation within the different states. If Trump was not elected BY the people, then neither was Pence elected by the people of the US.

  2. Don’t believe a word of this. They will say anything at this point. Nothing is working for the left. The elections on Tuesday will boost Trump’s confidence and shows everyone the public is behind him no matter what the left and MSM says. They are losing ground and it should make it easier for the President to do his job. He is gaining traction. All of the little things should help keep him going forward. These are just my opinions but. Also once this obstruction BS is out of the way I think the Democrats will lose all credibility if they try to start another charge against him. So far they are batting 0%.
    I predict that Obama will be convicted of something before Trump is. And a standing President cannot be charged criminally while in office. So the worst that could happen is he is in for his full term. You people on the left are stuck with him. I could list all of the things he has done while n office but I already know if you don’t like him nothing will change your mind. But my investments, which haven’t moved much in 6 years are going through the roof. That alone makes me happy. And illegal immigration is down. I live in California so I’m happy about that.
    As soon as he can do he job he was elected to do there will be many many changes. I sat through 8 long years of Obama, you can sit and wait for Trump. The way it’s going though there might not be any Democrat politician left in four years.

    1. Guess every comment section has to have at least one token Russian Troll. And btw tell Putin that Obama is loved by the American people by a HUGE margin over Rumpty. Obama is far more intelligent, understands science much better than the braindead Rumpy does and is one heck of a better Statesmen than Rumpty could ever be in a million years. Guess that is the reason Hillary got almost 3 million more votes than Rumpty did ( and that fact is eating him up alive – he just can’t stand it). Rumpty only won with the help of your Russian friends who hacked emails and hacked their way into the USA voter registration information. Guess if you can’t win legitimately – then cheat. Which is something Rumpty has been doing his whole life.

  3. Dear President Trump, I hope this letter of resignation is fake news. You have done so much for the people of America in the short time you have been in office. I will always praise you for working so hard for America. I can understand that you have endured much pain, but I am not sure God is ready for you to leave without carrying out his plan for placing you in the position of President of the US. Please pray before resigning. There are so many million of supporters, as I am, and we will miss the hope you have given us. Thank you for being our President.


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