• Trump’s Mental Issue Clearly Surfaces As He Forgets To Sign His New Healthcare Executive Order
  • Trump Says He Was ‘First In His Class,’ Evidence Is Released Showing That’s A Lie
  • Trump supporters organised a rally for 1 million people. Only 1,000 turned up
  • After Liberals Call Him a Criminal, Ben Carson Pulls Genius Move That Stuns Everyone!
  • Did Hillary’s Email Get Ambassador Stevens Killed?

Bombshell Report Reveals Mitch McConnell Allowed Russia To Attack The US To Help Trump

In a tone that would become familiar in the following months, Republicans and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell allowed Russia to interfere in the election to help Trump by expressing skepticism about the intelligence that Russia was meddling in the 2016 presidential election. In a tone that would become familiar in the following months, Republicans and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell allowed Russia to interfere in the election to help…


THIS IS IT! What This Harvard Democrat Just Said Will Make Trump’s Jaw Drop! VIDEO!

Democrats and Harvard lawyer, Alan Dershowitz said something on Tuesday that will make Democrats heads explode. The Harvard law professor reminded everyone that the president must first be impeached and removed from office before he can be charged with a crime. He said that sitting presidents cannot be “indicted, prosecuted, or tried while serving in office.” Here is his interview below. The Harvard lawyer said that President Trump has not committed…


Bats on ‘The View’ Get DEVASTATING News After Slandering President Trump

The women on The View have spent the last few months relentlessly attacking Donald Trump and his family in as many ways as they can. However, they recently took things way too far, and they might pay the ultimate price for it. The female hosts just descended into unsubstantiated speculation when they made outrageous claims about the mental faculties of President Trump and his sex life with Melania to explain what they saw as…


Trey Gowdy: ‘Ironic’ Dems Now Complaining About Hacking They Didn’t Want Examined

Rep. Trey Gowdy said it is “a little ironic” that some Democrats are now complaining about the lack of help they got with the Democratic National Committee’s servers, which were compromised by Russia during the 2016 campaign season. Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson testified before the House Intelligence Committee Wednesday, saying he was not pleased that the DNC did not turn over its compromised servers to the Department of…


BREAKING: Trump Advisor Says Trump Wants Out!

The expanding Russia investigation and obstruction of justice probe into President Trump are starting to take a toll on him according to multiple advisors. Here’s what was reported on in Politico: “But Trump, too, is cognizant of the comparison to Nixon, according to one adviser. The president, who friends said does not enjoy living in Washington and is strained by the demanding hours of the job, is motivated to carry on because…


University of Michigan is offering free tuition for families making less

 The University of Michigan is offering free tuition to in-state families earning up to $65,000, the university announced at its Thursday, June 15, Board of Regents meeting. UM President Mark Schlissel surprised the audience inside the Michigan Union by announcing the creation of the Go Blue Guarantee to kick off the meeting Thursday, prior to the Regents’ vote on the budget for the upcoming year. Who qualifies? The University of…


Man whose flat started Grenfell blaze ‘packed luggage before raising alarm’

The man whose flat caught fire first in Grenfell Tower packed a bag of clothes before raising the alarm, it was claimed. His pregnant neighbour Maryam Adam, said that he knocked on her door to warn her about the fire at 12.50am. At that point he had already prepared to leave the building by packing possessions into a holdall, she claimed. The fire brigade was called at 12.54am and arrived within…



Donald Trump has hosted some lavish birthday celebrations in his time, but the turnout expected for his 71st birthday Wednesday may leave these past festivities far behind. Unfortunately for the president, at least hundreds of the people coming out will be doing so to protest his continued stay in the White House amid investigations into links to Russia. A so-called #Sad Birthday party will be hosted by Rise and Resist,…


Rand Paul Forgot To Delete Tweet Calling For People To Use 2nd Amendment To ‘Shoot At The Government’

In the wake of a mass shooting that left a Republican member of congress and several others injured, many on both sides of the aisle are asking that the partisan rhetoric on both sides cool down a bit. It’s an admirable goal and one worth reaching for. However, it’s also worth noting that the very same Republicans now suggesting liberals are inciting violence don’t seem to have the same concerns…