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Barack Obama really happy in The Caribbeans

President Barack Obama appears to have been having a very nice time since the end of his second term within the White House. Last week, he was spotted looking carefree and casual on vacation in the British Virgin Islands with British wealthy person Richard Branson.   Obama's on vacation with the hat backwards. He's never coming back. pic.twitter.com/RUakcwwgtT — Philip Lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) February 1, 2017 He was wearing his hat…


Donald Trump considering naming Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist cluster

PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s administration could designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organisation, according to US officials acquainted with the matter. The officials aforesaid many United States government agencies are consulted regarding such a proposal, which if enforced would add to measures the us has already obligatory on people and entities connected to the IRGC. The IRGC is by far Iran’s most powerful security entity, which additionally…


Teen pleads guilty of killing American woman in London

A teenager has admitted killing an american lady and wounding 5 people during a string of random stabbings in London.   Zakaria Bulhan, 19, pleaded guilty at London’s Central Criminal Court to manslaughter because of diminished responsibility. At Monday’s hearing, Bulhan also admitted 5 counts of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily damage. “Without warning or provocation, the man stabbed six individuals in fast succession, saying nothing to any…


BREAKING: Congress Bypasses FBI, Moves To Charge Hillary With Federal Crimes

The FBI has finally decided to do its job, so good news are coming straight from their premises. After we first discovered that Hillary Clinton will not be charged for her crimes by the Bureau, the nation went wild in rage. Finally it seems as if there is some positive news coming out of the FBI. It was only recently that there was outrage after Hillary Clinton was not criminally…


Tim Allen Blackballed By Hollywood For Saying THIS About Trump

Tim Allen just risked his entire career for his Donald Trump support. This man is a patriot, and is not afraid of what anyone thinks. In liberal Hollywood, it’s rare to find celebrities willing to risk their career by speaking out against Democrats. This week, comedic actor Tim Allen did just that, saying liberals want “to tell everybody” what to do with their life. “I don’t like anybody telling me…


Lady Gaga Awesome Super Bowl LI Halftime Opening Show With Tribute to America!

The 13-minute set started off slowly with a medley of God Bless America and This Land Is Your Land, but raised the roof with excitement and pounding music as Gaga herself soared and then descended into Houston’s NRG Stadium during the intermission in the championship game between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. Lady Gaga stole the show at Super Bowl LI in Houston, beginning the Pepsi Zero Sugar halftime…


Shocking Arkansas new law that allows rapists to sue victims who want an abortion

RAPISTS will soon be able to SUE their victim if she tries to have an abortion without their permission – after a new law was passed in America. A pregnant woman’s husband will have the power to stop her from having an abortion, even in cases of spousal rape, under a new law introduced in the US state of Arkansas. The new law, Act 45 – the Unborn Child Protection From Dismemberment…


Meet James Robart, the judge who halted Trump’s legal immigration ban

President Donald Trump used his preferred platform to criticize the judge who blocked his administration’s travel ban on immigrants. (Photo: United States Courts) The federal judge who blocked President Trump’s immigration ban spent more than 30 years in private practice before taking the bench, giving up a lucrative career that saw him representing breweries, energy companies and Southeast Asian immigrants. Trump tweeted Saturday morning that he thought U.S. District Senior Judge James…